My husband has been my emotional and economical supporter since 2006 when I had to stop working due to Lyme Disease.  He has helped me to buy equipment and all I’ve needed to do these videos and  the research, but all this is expensive and I already spent all our savings and take a huge chunk of the home income every month to pay for my treatments and my “Lyme Productions” and would like to be able to continue in this quest of bringing research and information with enough funds to do it.  So if you can help me by donating any amount I would certainly appreciate it and I hope to be able to pay it back with hard work and dedication.   May God repay you for this generosity with me and my team.  I promise to try my best so  the Lyme community and the rest of the people can see the benefit of your help too.

New info:  unfortunately my beloved husband is no longer able to work due to he is having chemotherapy, fighting with a B-Cell Lymphoma… yes tough but the Doctor said it is curable and we all pray it is gone soon!  So we have no income to help me continue with this site and research…

When I did this Vlog I created this page to receive donations but the settings of the Paypal account were not working, and I never fixed them due to I really felt bad receiving monetary help due to I know everyone have their own needs and my husband was very proud supporting me…  but now I must consider leaving the pride at the side and receiving some help so we can continue to  live in decent conditions and to be able to continue doing the research and videos for the Lyme community and now for the cancer community too!  (We have tons of interviews that we need to edit and publish here to benefit so many people needing information, we only need some support to be able to continue doing them!)

So, if you can donate us without this hurting your needs, we would receive it with our hearts and very grateful.  Here is the link to  Paypal, you would need to have an account there to donate.



Note:  donations are received with no obligation nor they constitute a sell or trade of goods or services.