111 TWO GREEN RIBBONS ONE HEART 2015 PIC1 - CopyThis Blog is about me and my Husband, our weird coincidence dealing with Lyme Disease and now with Lymphoma. At the end of the blog you can find links to articles that show there might be a relation between Lymphoma and the bacteria causative of Lyme Disease called Borrelia Burgdorferi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borrelia_burgdorferi).

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Life has a strange way to teach and after all we have lived and learned with Lyme Disease, now we have a way through Cancer Lymphoma, a gastric type, very aggressive but in God’s hands curable! 

We have made many interviews about Lyme Disease but we didn’t know why we had this strange opportunity to interview Doctors who treat Cancer with Integrative medicine; we were surprised but we took the opportunity and followed through doing our best possible even though we didn’t know much about this topic.  Life now told us why we needed to know a bit more and to share about cancer, because we would be living it too and needed to be prepared and strong.  Nothing is more scaring than the “C” word, and nothing makes us loose more hope faster than that; but when you learn it is part of your way, part of your learning, of your call, of your life, and when you learn to be “present’ or “in Presence”, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, things change to a slighter brighter less scary side and life turns into living happily every second of it and trying harder, stronger every fight and every ordeal.  This doesn’t mean it is easy nor good, but weird to say, it is not “bad”.  Life is simply beautiful and living it regardless what ever happens is the best way to go, or so we say.


Our Fundraiser is called TWO GREEN RIBBONS, ONE HEART, because it is a weird coincidence that both conditions use a green ribbon as a symbol to bring awareness.  Lymphoma uses the green and sometimes a purple ribbon, while the Lyme Disease community had to borrow the green lime ribbon and use it even though the medical community neglects us to the point no ribbon was assigned “officially” for this condition.  So yes sharing a ribbon and a condition makes things complicated, but when we are learning and sharing, and living and trying, well, things are what they are and the best way to take them is to taking them the best way possible, so we are doing just that!


Last year I was worried about my Husband seeing him having symptoms that I thought were of Lyme Disease, for example he was having some “hot flashes”, also knee pain and arthritis pains too, he was feeling weaker but because he used to work so hard installing kitchens saying he was weak is an understatement, my husband was a bull strong so hearing him complaint for those “little things” anyone would think it was due to his work but because I have suffered with Lyme for ten years I could “read” symptoms better than most.  I was worried thinking I might have passed him my Lyme infections….  so we went to see a Doctor and he said my husband was having a problem with his blood but it was due to his “drinking”?  We were surprised because my husband might have a Margarita or a couple of beers a month, but never drinks excessively, he barely has a social drink.  So the Doctor then said it was because maybe my husband drank a lot when he was younger?  Anyways it seemed to be nothing severe because the Dr didn’t treat my Husband and we let that “slip” unfortunately.  The other symptom my husband had was a gastritis, with a weird symptom which was like a nausea vomiting from time to time.  Other Doctor said it could be H. Pylori and after labs it was confirmed at the end of last year (2014).  In December my Husband started the treatment for the bacteria but instead of getting better he was feeling worse and worse.  I thought he was not doing the treatment properly and tried to help him with supplements but each day that passed was worse.  My Husband installed a kitchen the 30th of December and he then told me he felt he was going to pass out… then in January he tried to go to work but he came back two hours later telling me he was too weak to even move.  He didn’t let me take him to the ER and we start debating on what to do.  He was now having black stools but the Dr said it was due to the antacid medicine he was taking.  I was truly scared because my Mom always said that black stools were blood in the intestines but, trusted the Doctor (an MD).  Then we went to a Chinese Doctor and he did accupunture and prescribed some tea and some herbal medicine.  We told him about the black stools too but he said it was the medicine and the important symptom was again dismissed. One night my Husband trid to go tot he bathroom and almost passed out, i knew he was really bad, but i couldn’t convince him to go to the ER.  A couple of days later I had to call 911 and then in the ER we found out he was having an internal hemorrhage due to a huge ulcer.  Then the endoscopy showed it was a tumor that was bleeding and then the tumor turned out to be cancer, and then we had to find out which type of cancer and even though the labs said ti was probably a Burkitt’s lymphoma, the possibility was a 95%, God made us a miracle and it turned to be a B-Cell which is curable and less tough to treat.  This was the Rose from the Thorn, and we thank God for the good news in the middle of it all!


Treatment was tough and we had to do Mold remediation and fix the roof and redo the kitchen in between treatments and all, but hey, people say that God won’t give you something you cannot handle so we had to handle that all and more, lol, no complaints!  The good news is that the tumors (abdomen and colon) are gone, there are no traces of them nor pieces anywhere and the ulcer is cured too.  Many people has prayed for us and we beg you to keep praying for complete cure and remission.


But things come for a reason!

While at the hospital and seeing my Husband’s treatments I had a thought:  what if the medicine considers Lyme Disease so profitable we could have a whole floor of a Hospital full of specialized personnel to treat Lyme Disease? Also while seeing the studies the Doctor does – Dr. Castillo is so knowledgeable and caring I thought, what if he was my Doctor too?  Instead of having Doctors that neglect us and dismiss us, having a Doctor that does as many studies are needed to do a perfect diagnose and then knows exactly what has to be done to CURE?  We don’t even hear the word “cure” in the Lyme community while people with cancer are using it now more often, such a great advance in medicine, a huge miracle!  But then i thought what if instead of needing all these we could be diagnosed on time and cured faster? …  Anyways, having the possibility of seeing people cured after having the cancer diagnose is a marvelous moment that nothing can mess up, so my thoughts about Lyme the ugly ducking of the medicine had to fade away, little did i know both diseases could be related…


Studies reveal relation between Lymphoma and Lyme Disease!

The Lymphoma and the Lyme Disease “coincidence” resulted not so coincidental after all, nor to be only something that happened to me and my Husband “for a reason” or for many reasons; studies are being made showing a relation between both conditions maybe Lyme infections causing the blood disease that turns to be diagnosed as Lymphoma.  This is just the beginning of the story and it probably will take years until an open mind  Doctor so wise and knowledgeable like my Husband’s physician could even take a look to this idea and not consider it a craziness, but it is already on top of the table and time will tell.  I am certain that most people with Lyme Disease will no doubt in considering that this multiple infection, that damages our blood causing us depletion of iron, damage in our red blood cells due to Babesiosis and bacteria;  plus damages in our white blood cells due to the Borreliosis could certainly become the cause of an innumerable amount of conditions and diseases one of them being called Lymphoma?

If Lyme Disease infection attacks the immune system, the red blood cells, the glands, the brain, the muscles, the bones, the organs, the abdomen, the lymphatic system and the skin, it is probable that many diagnostics of more known diseases are made ignoring that the cause is a multiple infection.  For example many are being diagnose with some kind of brain swelling or some kind of viral encephalitis, when the truth is that the Lyme infection has crossed the brain blood barrier and is causing such inflammation.  Many Lyme sufferers are diagnosed with a type of thyroid condition when the underlying cause is infection, but Doctors treat with armor thyroid or supplements ignoring the cause.  Other misdiagnoses from Lyme are MS, Lupus and even ALS but Doctors who rely in their lab tests would never admit the cause could be Borreliosis or other vector borne infection.  Going back to lymphoma, if this is a condition that starts in the lymphatic system and affects the immune system too and the blood, the question would be: and what caused the lymphoma?  (and please don’t tell me as the stupid MD told my Husband that it was due to alcohol drinking, and when he found my Husband barely had a drink a month he said it was due to he probably drank a lot when he was young? ).  So, talking in the smart world, wouldn’t it be possible to at least consider that the underlying cause of some of the already known diseases could be infection and that this infection could be also caused by a vector?   In the case of the MALT LYMPHOMA there are plenty of studies that demonstrate that the bacteria H. Pylori could be the root cause of such type of cancer, so, why the other types of cancer are considered to be a damage created by the own body instead of looking if there is an outside root cause?  Plus, this type of cancer could be more common in people who had malaria??? Needless to repeat Lyme Disease is a malaria type disease…

The “Burkitt’s Lymphoma” is a “cancer of the lymphatic system, caused by the Epstein–Barr virus, chiefly affecting children in central Africa”           ….?  sorry for the question mark, I just want to question if  the Epstein- Barr virus would only affect children in Africa causing them a tumor?  I guess those were the only one cases studied to determine that the virus caused a tumor, probably because they involved children, who by the way are multiple infected with bacteria and parasites due to their lack of clean water, plus viruses.  So, one wonders what causes the Burkitt’s lymphoma in the US? When this medicine is going to stop thinking that this country doesn’t have the world medical problems and start attending them properly?  Just to mention, how come the President goes to Africa in a campaign to “help finish” with the malaria, when Lyme Disease, a malaria like but worse, is not even properly tested nor treated in this so septic perfect soil?  Back to the root cause for tumors and blood cancers, it has been  demonstrated that people with Lyme Disease also have Epstein Barr virus and many other herpes viruses, maybe because the tick also passes those infections or due to the suppression for the immune system cause by the bacteria Borrelia causative of Lyme Disease, so could this Vector borne infection be the cause of those other “malignancies” and it is being ignored to be treated only after it becomes a cancer and tons of money has to be paid to receive treatment?  

So we are waiting to hear more about the ” association of primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma (CBCL) with infection by Borrelia burgdorferi” that was reported in some patients.   Please read the article called:

“Lyme disease and Various Forms of Lymphoma”  here:  http://www.lymeneteurope.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3327

This other article brought to my attention from my dear friend and researcher Gary Barret, also states a possible relation between Borrelia and Lymphomas, but of course it is an article from studies in Europe, the US takes longer to “find” these relations, sorry for the hint.   http://m.bloodjournal.org/content/111/12/5524.full.pdf

Maybe i passed the infection to my Husband and he got the Lymphoma as a result, maybe not, so I am not going to blame my self (will try) and will keep on fighting for recovery and cure; but for sure the life has brought us more cloth to cut in this never ending research that started when we first heard there was a Vector Borne infection in the USA, similar, if not worse as the ones we had in South America and in Africa the so called Third world countries.  Maybe the people in the US does not live “Under the Dome” after all and the soil and air, and water here is as rich and contaminated as in everywhere in the rest of the planet?  and maybe the people in the US are disseminating and propagating the infections due to are never properly treated?  Malaria has killed more humans than any other disease in the story, what if Lyme Disease is the American malaria fortified by many co-infections and it is covered and neglected just to protect the image of the perfect septic first class country?  Maybe all those weird cancers are the answer and that is the name given so the treatment is more expensive and profitable than treating with  easy anti-parasitics and antibacterials?  I’m just saying, what if Lyme Disease has become a pandemic and the more it spreads the more profitable it becomes?


May this be a healthy day for all and may the human consciousness gets to reveal the cures for all diseases including cancer and Lyme disease!