These are the kits Infectolab offers to detect the pathogens in Lyme Disease and Chronic infections.

This video is a piece of the interview made to Dr. Armin Schwarzbach  international Director of Ilads, and the head of Infectolab laboratories.  Dr Schwarzbach treats Lyme Disease by determining the pathogen in the lab. first, and then doing an integrative protocol.  In this video Dr ARMIN SCHWARZBACH explains why Lyme Disease is misdiagnosed and how to fix this.  The interview was made at the Physician’s Round Table in Tampa, made by Sue Vogan.  Dr Schwarzbach also offers a unique perspective stating that 90% of his Lyme patients have infection with the bacteria Chlamydia.  In a personal note we want to thank Dr. Schwarzbach and all the people in Europe who are dedicated to bring awareness about the importance of properly diagnosing and treating Lyme Disease.  Here is the video: