This video is a piece from the interview made to Dr William Lee Cowden, M.D., Director President of the Academy CIM.  Dr Cowden is very recognized in the medical community for his effort of treating the patients with all the possible tools and as a whole even including emotional causes; he has made the integrative medicine to be valued and respected as the best approach to the patient.  We had the honor of interviewing him and knowing him as a human being very humble and giving.  Please note that this information is not a medical recommendation to be followed, you always have to seek medical advise from your Doctor.

(I am having problems uploading the videos and the playback is slow, so I would upload it again later on; mean while please excuse me for this problem and try to give time to the video to “charge” by clicking the play button and then pausing it again a minute, and then you can start it again; hope it works!)